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Buying Land and Demoing an Old House in Middleton, Idaho

buying-land-and-demoing-an-old-house-in-middleton-idaho Planning to Demo an Old Home & Clean Up the Property in Middleton, Idaho Hey, everyone. We’re out here on a lot in Middleton, Idaho; we just closed escrow on the lot. So, it’s our first day out here since it closed, and we’re walking around figuring out what we will do. The place […]

How to Read a Record of Survey

how-to-read-a-record-of-survey How to Use a Record of Survey to Locate Property Corners Hey, everyone. Brian Freeman here. Hey, thanks for joining me today. Today, we’re going to be talking about record of surveys. If you’re watching the video, I will share my screen to show you what a record of survey is. I want to […]

Canyon County, ID Planning and Zoning Applications Tracker

canyon-county-id-planning-and-zoning-applications-tracker How to Ensure You Get What You’re Paying for When Buying Land Hi. I’m Julie Freeman, and today I want to share a great tool with you if you’re looking for land or a home in Canyon County or Middleton, Idaho. When you’re looking, and you see no rear neighbors, that phrase is super […]

Mark Your Property Corners so You Can Check Building Setbacks

mark-your-property-corners-so-you-can-check-building-setbacks Marking the Property Corners is a Very Important Part of Due Diligence Hey, everyone. Brian Freeman here. Hey, we’re back on that lot. We’ve done a few videos on this lot. I wanted to show you another thing we found on this property and why it’s even more important to get your property corners […]

Understanding Road & Utility Easements

understanding-road-and-utility-easements Click here to view the full blog post by Freemans Construction Inc. about Understanding Road and Utility Easements.

Understanding CC&R’s Before You Buy Land

understanding-cc-and-r-before-buying-land Click here to view the full blog post by Freemans Construction Inc. about Understanding CC&R’s Before Buying Land.