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Cell Phone Tower Locations in Middleton, Idaho

How to Research Cell Phone Tower Locations in Middleton, Idaho

One factor most people looking for a home don’t even think about looking into or researching is cell phone tower locations.

Cell Phone Tower and Antenna Search Tool

Here is a helpful tool you can consider when looking for a home that you can find HERE. It’s easy to use, and if you’re watching the video, I will walk you through it.

What Addresses Can I Search Using the Cell Phone Tower and Antenna Search Tool?

You can type in any address that you’re interested in. If it’s land and doesn’t have an address, you could grab an address from the nearest neighbor. That would be sufficient to do some research to find out where these towers are. 

So, I entered the address of the Middleton Library. After entering the address and searching, you will see a circle, the town of Middleton, and red dots, which are the location of the antennas. Some of them are cell towers, but not all. 

Cell Phone Towers & Antennas Near the Middleton Library

My example shows three towers and 40 antennas within a three-mile radius of the Middleton Library. The biggest one is our AT&T cell phone tower, right in the middle of town. It’s on our water tower, which is a 5G tower. I don’t know how you feel about 5G, but I know that I want my family to be far away from it, just for health reasons. 

What Information is Provided for the Cell Towers Using the Cell Phone Tower and Antenna Search?

You can click on any of the links you will see on the left and scroll down, to review the information on every tower listed. The information it includes is the exact address, height, how many hertz it’s putting out, and the frequency information. Again, if you’re watching the video, I will show you an example of the information provided. 

So, for example, let’s click on the AT&T cell phone tower, which provides a headshot. So this is the water tower in downtown Middleton, and you can see that it’s AT&T. It also has all the contact information. So if you had questions about it, you could reach out to that person and ask your questions. It also provides characteristic information on the transmitter and overall structure, such as the height and address. Then you can read all about the frequencies. So there are several emitters that you can look into and see what the output is for those. 

Make Sure to Research Cell Phone Towers When You Buy a Home or Land

We’re going to look at the structure here right now so the one consideration you want to have is that, hey what am I gonna spend to demo the existing structure, there’s actually a barn on the backside too we’re not gonna look at that but it’s back there as well. If you come over here and look in here, this place is destroyed inside, it’s just destroyed, but you have it on a slab which is unusual for here in Middleton, most of them are on subfloors here. So you have to have in your budget to actually tear all this down, crush it and break out all the concrete, and then get that out of here or find a spot to put it in, you know fill an area with it.

Wrapping Up

If you need more information on building, buying, or selling a home or land, feel free to contact us. Have an excellent rest of your day.

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