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Buying Land and Demoing an Old House in Middleton, Idaho

Planning to Demo an Old Home & Clean Up the Property in Middleton, Idaho

Hey, everyone. We’re out here on a lot in Middleton, Idaho; we just closed escrow on the lot. So, it’s our first day out here since it closed, and we’re walking around figuring out what we will do. The place is an absolute mess. We have a “mild” bush, a tree almost, and it’s grown about eight feet tall in nearly three weeks; they’re all over the place, they’re on the other side of the property, too, but you can’t see them, they’re everywhere.

What Needs to be Demoed?

We have a house that we must tear down; it’s falling over. And a shop on the other side of the house is also falling over. So if you go inside, you’ll probably die from a collapse. The roof is falling in, and the wall is falling over. It has to get torn down. So we’re just figuring out, step by step, what we’re going to do at this place because it’s a significant amount of work.

We have to clean all the grass and the brush; some of the grass is six feet tall and starting to fall over now. So we’re looking at how we will do it step-by-step because it has gotten so tall.

Well & Well House

So initially, our thoughts were to remove the old well house walls and then get the well going again. It’s an old well house which was insulated, but now it’s not. The structure is falling apart, the roof is gone, and it’s all rotted. So someone stole all the electrical, cut it out, and took the copper and tanks. So we’ll clean it out and tear it down, so the wood structure will disappear. 

Concrete Foundation on the Well House

The only good thing is the foundation, which has a good stem wall, and the concrete is intact. So, we’ll leave that and ensure the bolts don’t get snapped. Some bolts are visible on one side, but those are holding the plate down. So we’ll keep those, but we’ll probably install some titan bolts to anchor a new bottom plate down and get a better connection. 

Getting Water and Power so We Can Start Demoing the Structures

We’ll clean those out, get the well guy out to get the well operational, and get water out of it. Initially, we’ll set it up to hook a generator up. And then we’ll get a hold of Idaho Power and see about getting them to do an overhead drop. So we have some transformers back on the other side, down to a temporary pole. So we’re hoping we can get the well hooked up and have water; then, we can start demoing the building. 

If you’re watching the video, I want to show you the transformers. There’s a transformer above the truck. So, we’re thinking of getting a temporary pole; you can put a meter on it and gain power that way too. 

File for an Agricultural Exemption to Reduce the Property Taxes

The goal would be to get the property set up where we can get some agriculture, maybe some cattle running around initially, to help keep the weeds down. We can then file for an agricultural exemption for taxes to keep the tax bases a little bit lower until we get the actual house built. So, we’re looking at that.

Filing for a Demolition Permit and Saving on Potential Costs

There’s a bunch of excellent trees on this property that we’re figuring out how we’re going to move, tear this structure down and then move it out front, where they hopefully maybe put it into a burn pile. So, we must file for a demolition permit to do that. That way, the structure will be showing, on the county records, that it’s been removed, but we think we can cut down the cost by doing a burn pile and getting rid of the house a little over time, so as we get that going.

Looking Forward to Getting You More Project Updates

We’re looking forward to working on this project and getting you daily updates as the work happens. We’ll be shooting videos to ensure we keep you updated on how things are going and keep you tuned on what’s happening. So, thanks for tuning in today.

How Real Property Can Help You and How to Reach Us

If you need more information on building, buying, or selling a home or land, feel free to contact us. It was wonderful talking to you today, and have an excellent rest of your day.

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